The meetings of the group are the main forum for airing public concerns about the way the Park is funded, managed and developed in the future. Whatever your main interest in the Park (playground, children, trees, wildlife, fun, football, tennis, running…) you can influence future developments.

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November 2021

20th November 2021

Mark Forsyth (Chair), John Hudson (vice-chair), Theresa Boden (vice chair), Daphne Steel (Dog walker’s rep), Betty Manning, Paul Bennells (older people’s rep), Amir Dotan (history rep), Richard Crawford (biodiversity rep).
Hilde Oord, Yvonne and Sheila – park users

Caroline Millar

Minutes of last meeting

Minutes of the previous meeting were agreed without amendment.

It was reported back that there are some benches away from foot paths in the pleasure garden surrounding Clissold House. They may be too low for some park users to get up from. The height of the benches is thought to be fairly standard. The existing benches cannot be changed, but the possible difficulties caused to some park users getting up from low benches has been noted and will be included as a consideration when new benches are bought.

There are no plans to replace the bandstand in the hard standing area in front of the playground. There was a feeling that it would be expensive, would not be in much demand and may be vulnerable to vandalism. It was also felt that a solid structure would restrict possible other uses of the area. Temporary performance stages are probably a better solution.

Park Manager’s Report

Planning permission for the new splash pad has been submitted, but no response has been received.
The wood framed lighting in the pleasure garden is due to be replaced over the coming weeks, most have already been removed.

Some areas of Clissold House are still closed to the public and the only available toilets are outside, on the north side of the house. This decision is not the responsibility of the cafe staff, and they are not in a position to allow access to the rest of the house to members of the public. The user group will ask if a sign can be put in the cafe including the Hackney Council logo making these points.

Updates since last meeting

Before the start of the pandemic the user group was investigating paying for a new hedge to run along parallel to Stoke Newington Church Street, but this was put on hold as a result of the lock down. The meeting agreed that this process should be restarted, bearing in mind that we do not want to interfere with the track which runs along that part of the park, and that the hedge should not be allowed to block the narrow pavement on the outside of the park.

In order to increase participation to GPUG meetings it was proposed that at least some future meetings should allow people to join in online. We will investigate the possibility of having a large screen made available. A post will also be put on Facebook to find out how useful people would find this.

A question was raised about the timing of the redevelopment of the existing paddling pool area – will the work be done at the same time as the splash pad, or will it be done after the splash pad is completed? The meeting would also like to retain and extend as much biodiversity as possible in the park and minimise paved and tarmacked areas, and to know how much how much more, or less, planting will be provided in the new scheme. These questions will be put to the council and the responses will be passed back at the next meeting.

Amir Dotan told the meeting a little about the history of the memorial drinking fountain on the north side of Clissold House and asked if more information was available. He also asked if it might be possible to put up a small plaque next to the fountain with some background details about the inscription. As the house is a listed building this will possibly require planning permission. The User Group would be happy to meet any costs. This will be raised with the park management.


It was noted that the gate on the west side of the pleasure garden now has a large gap near it, which allows dogs and children access in and out even when the gate is closed.

People have been giving out marketing information to park users about a quick internet shopping service called Zapp on Sunday mornings, which is not allowed. We will ask that they are asked to do this outside of the park.

Electric scooters and bicycles are thought to be becoming a problem within the park. They are almost silent, quite fast and can be intimidating for other park users. We will ask for clarification of the legal status of these vehicles in the park.

It was again asked if there was any progress on the replacement pumps in the New River or on a new use for the Pump House on the west side of the park. The park management will be asked for further information before the next meeting.

Next meeting is Saturday 8th January 2022
We are always looking for people to get involved, do please let us know if you would like to participate. The roles are not onerous, there isn’t a lot of work involved. Email us on


Park Keepers: 0208 3566834. This connects to a mobile.
Park Manager: or call 020 8356 4215
Café Management: new details coming soon
Clissold House Venues and Events Officer, Christine Rupprecht: or call 020 8356 5505
Head of Leisure and Green Spaces
Lead Councillor for Parks:
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Seargent in charge: Carroll Weeden
Clissold Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8721 2923

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