Clissold Park User Group (CPUG)

The Clissold Park User Group (CPUG) is a local community group for the people of Stoke Newington in Hackney who appreciate and love their local park.

The group has been campaigning locally for over 20 years and seeks to represent the interests of everyone who uses this very popular park: the walkers, joggers, cyclists, nature lovers, families and free spirits who value the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors in this beautiful and historic space.
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Park history: Clissold Park for the people

Joseph Beck
Joseph Beck

Clissold Park would have been built on in the 1880’s if it wasn’t for a passionate local campaign to preserve it for the public led by Joseph Beck. Read the story and see a slideshow of the turbulent campaign:
» Clissold Park for the people
View the history of our park in words and pictures:
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Latest news…

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A Nature Recovery plan for Clissold Park

» View the minutes to the meeting that took place on 23rd February 2024

Two follow-up meetings have been scheduled:
11.00 am on Saturday 16th March by the high street gate of Abney Park
7.00pm on Thursday 21st March at Richard’s house off Church street
For further details about either of these meetings please contact Richard at richard.elaine18@gmail.com

Volunteer opportunities

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in volunteering activities in the park and learn more about the trees and plants here in May (see below for the May 2024 Bioblitz). Full details on the Events page. Hope to see you at some of these events!

Biodiversity in Clissold Park: next bioblitz on 19th May 2024

After the success of the May 2023 Bioblitz, we have organised another for Sunday 19th May 2024 where we will survey species by the old paddling pool. Contact Richard, CPUG Biodiversity rep to get involved.
A bioblitz is a survey of plants, birds and insects. No experience necessary! 

Have a look at what we found in the May 2023 bioblitz

The second Clissold Park Bioblitz was held on the 21st May 2023 at the dipping pond. Kirsten Foster from the Abney Park ecology group, who was participating in the Natural History Museum’s ‘Gene pool’ programme, helped with water sampling.

Many insect larva were present in the pool, including Midge larva, Mosquito larva and Gnat larva. These form an important element in the food chain. We found 7 invertebrate species and 16 plant species in the small triangle at the end of the New River spur, and submitted water samples to the Gene pools’ project. The 2021 ‘Gene Pool’ results found that the pool has over a hundred types of bacterium and DNA traces of the common frog. https://genepools.shinyapps.io/edna_pond_app/
We are still awaiting the findings from this year’s samples.

Invertebrate species
Water Slater, Midge larva, Mosquito larva, Gnat larva, Leech, Daphnia, Cyclops
Plant species
Dandelion, Wood Avens, Hemp Agrimony, Bottle Sedge, Sycamore, Ash Willow, Goosegrass, Plantin, Clover, Flag Iris, Herb Robert, Hairy Sedge, Dandelion, Creeping Buttercup, Great Birdfoot Trefoil, Daisy, 

Safety in the park

There have been reports of students and young people being mugged and harassed in and around the park. Advice from the local Safer Neighbourhood panel:
“If children feel in any way worried, they should return to a place of safety such as the school or leisure centre. Always where possible ‘buddy-up’ with someone to walk back from school or clubs and keep your phone out of sight. Do not carry money with you and make sure bank details are not held on a phone. Tell an adult in a shop or place of safety such as the school what has happened and ask them to call the police.” Do not hisitate to call the police on 111 or 999 in the event of an emergency.

BBC Antiques Roadshow came to Clissold Park

The Antiques Roadshow visited the park on 10th July 2022: watch the programme

Plans for the Butterfly dome 

The Butterfly Dome is being used by park rangers and gardeners as a plant propagation and composting area.

Poster and Pocket maps on sale

Pocket map: Our beautiful pocket map and timeline of the park is on sale in the café for £2.50.

Clissold Park map

It identifies all the landmarks and includes the history of the park and Clissold House, a tree trail and help in identifying the wild water birds on the ponds and New River. It has been created by the CPUG working with local artist Anna Hymas and local historian Amir Dotan with support from Hackney Council. Proceeds will go to the CPUG to help pay for amenities and free events in the park.

Poster: By popular demand we have created an A2 poster version of the map (42 x 59.4cm). Available in the café for £5 (£6 in a cardboard roll). Can also be posted to anywhere in the UK for £10 including packaging and first class postage. Please email us on info@clissoldpark.com to arrange your order.
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