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15th July 2023 meeting and AGM

Park users: Alison Heard-Mayer, Barbara Taylor, Bob Wilkinson, Sandra Voe, Yvonne Hill, Hilde Oord, Daphne Steele, Sade Etti (Cllr), Ann O’Callaghan.
Sophie Cameron (Chair), Quinten Geurs (Park Manager), Isabelle Gore (Website rep)
John Hudson and Theresa Boden (Vice Chairs), Caroline Millar (Treasurer), Delilah Jeary (Secretary), Richard Crawford (Biodiversity Rep)
Minutes of previous minutes:

Chair’s report:

Highlights successes in the last year, including the opening of the Splash Pad, Antiques Roadshow at Clissold Park and today’s presentation by Caroline Woodley, Lead Councillor for Parks.
Chair recognises there are some issues that need improvement, including litter, park toilets and the playground.


Election of officers:
The following officers were re-elected at the meeting: Sophie Cameron (Chair), John Hudson and Theresa Boden (co-Vice Chairs), Caroline Millar (Treasurer).
Delilah Jeary is standing down as Secretary.
Park User reps: the following have agreed to continue: Isabelle Gore (Website), Amir Dotan (Park History), Richard Crawford (Biodiversity), Daphne Steele (Dog walkers)
Alison Heard-Mayer volunteers to be Disability Access rep.
The following roles are vacant: Cycling, Running, Children and Young People, Older People, CPUG Events/Music, Fundraising, Skatepark.
The Chair moved a vote to thank Delilah Jeary for all her hard work over the past years as Minutes Secretary.

We started the year with £3615.59 and ended it with a balance of £3463.51. Download a copy of the full accounts.
There is continued income from the sale of maps (at the cafe) and tea towels (at Know and Love on Church street). The group is open to proposals on how to spend the money we have e.g. additional signage.

Presentation from Councillor Caroline Woodley, Hackney Council Cabinet Member for Parks
Councillor Woodley gave a fantastic overview on the Council’s policies for green spaces, the issues facing Hackney parks, as well as recent successes and information on funding. [Download the presentation] This was followed by a Q&A
One park user brought up cycling around Clissold park – asking if there was a strategy to control it now that there are cycle lanes on Green Lanes. Another park user complained of finding it very stressful going for walks in the park with dangerous cyclists and electric delivery bikes all going too fast. SC responded that signage is being reviewed along with the suggestion to try and remove the park from Google maps as a cycle route.
A park user suggested we need more activities for the elderly, for those who can’t afford the leisure centre. Also that Butterfield Green is becoming a place for loitering, drinking and drug use. SC responded that the ASB issues should be raised with the police Safer Neighbourhood Teams.
Another park user reported that someone had erected a shelter and was sleeping behind the One O’clock Club and there was toilet paper strewn around. Quinten (Park Manager) said he would look into this and SC mentioned that this had been reported to Councillors and Streetlink. It was also mentioned that the Old Church canopy that had been erected at the rear has been removed because it had become a spot for drinkers and drug users.
A park user that lives across the road from the paddling pool reported seeing delivery drivers cutting through the park dangerously. Doesn’t think signage will work. Also reported the problem of a lot of young people using the park at night. She also applauded the park staff’s swift response in relation to the large tree that fell on the Church St side of the park by the paddling pool recently. She also asked about the paddling pool consultation and made a plea that it becomes an accessible quiet space that doesn’t cost much to create.
Quinten responded that the consultation would happen as soon as the Consultation Officer is able to schedule it. Cllr Woodley suggested having a community tree-planting event to replace the lost tree.
Another park user asked whether having a farmers’ market and/or outdoor cinema would be a good way of raising funds for the park. Cllr Woodley responded that other parks had had successful outdoor screens (Stoke Newington Common and Butterfield Green), and it could be considered for others. Regarding a farmers’ market, the Council was considering some ideas at the moment. SC commented that she would be concerned about a market placing additional pressure on the park infrastructure such as toilets and litter collection.
Quinten responded to a point about Growing Communities saying that they have a member of staff running volunteer sessions in various spaces, for access to people who don’t have an outdoor space and that they did a great job, many years ago, re-purposing a derelict part of the park for vegetable growing.

Action points from last meeting

Cycling – already discussed above. In addition, Lime bikes shouldn’t be in the park.
Access to Clissold House / toilets – when there’s an event on there will be staff there to give access. Otherwise Quinten should be around at the office and able to give access. If not, there should be a phone number to call the café to request access. Q has checked this and the number advertised does not work. The café is going to provide a new one and Q then plans to put a permanent sign by the bell at the back door with the number on it. He confirmed that access to the inside toilets is only when there are events on. If the main toilets are closed (due to vandalism or maintenance), there will be a sign to direct people to the Splash Pad toilets. A park user suggested introducing a swipe card to disabled/older users to get access to the house toilets. Q said he’d look into it. It was also suggested that the park management make up a list of park users who need access to the toilet, and a key available. Alison Heard-Mayer to liaise with Quentin to discuss disabled access.
A park user suggests we do more awareness raising with Stoke Newington School around responsible park use. Q responds that Richard (biodiversity rep) has suggested doing some specialist talks there. Another user suggests getting more children involved in volunteering around the park. SC responds that there has been contact with the school for years and that they have a community programme. She will raise it again with them.
A park user asked what made the tree fall (on Church st side of park) and Q said they found mycelium in the trunk – even though when it was last inspected nothing was detected.
A park user said that the café prices were not accessible to all. Q reminded everyone to email him with any issue around the café, the house or Finks (


One park user asked if there would be a design competition for the paddling pool area. SC responded that there will be a full consultation for all to give their views.

Next meeting date
Saturday 14th October . 11.00 in Church View Room, Clissold House

Park Keepers: 0208 3566834. This connects to a mobile.
Park Manager: or call 020 8356 4215
Café Management:
Clissold House Venues and Events Officer, or call 020 8356 5505
Head of Leisure and Green Spaces
Lead Councillor for Parks:
Police: 0208 721 2923 / 07879 603106 /
Seargent in charge: Carroll Weeden
Clissold Safer Neighbourhood Team: 020 8721 2923

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